On Thursday we asked Well readers to take on the case of a 7-year-old boy who’d been having fevers and drenching sweats nightly for over a month. More than 300 of you wrote in, and although 20 of you came up with the right diagnosis, only three of you figured out both the diagnosis and the test needed to confirm it.

UA Valley Fever Center for Excellence Director John Galgiani, MD, is the lead author on new updated guidance from the Infectious Diseases Society of America for primary care physicians and other clinicians on treatment and care of patients suffering from Valley Fever.

For patients with pneumonia or ongoing influenza-like symptoms who live in or have visited the west or southwest United States, especially Arizona and central California, infectious diseases experts recommend physicians suspect valley fever, an often-overlooked fungal infection.

Now soil samples from two sites in Central Oregon have tested positive for cocci DNA, raising the possibility that local residents could be at risk of contracting the condition without traveling to what had been considered its endemic areas.

You may not realize it, but there's something lurking in our air that can make you sick. It's called Valley Fever and you may have heard of it, or had it before. One man is in very bad shape because of it.

Early diagnosis of a potentially fatal fungal infection called valley fever can help patients, but too many are misdiagnosed, experts say.

Guidelines note early diagnosis prevents unnecessary treatment, reduces complications

Kat Brady, coordinator of the Community Alliance on Prisons in Hawaii, argues that being housed at Saguaro amounts to capital punishment for some Hawaii prisoners.

The Valley Fever fungus that thrives in Arizona’s soils has a 2 million-year history that was shaped by glaciation, massive mammal migration and access to the Central America land bridge.

Scientists at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) tracked the origins of Valley Fever with genetic sequencing, to help predict how the disease might spread.